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Levels: Basic and advanced
Duration: from 2 weeks to 12 months
Hours: 20 hours a week
2 weeks: 700 Euro
3 weeks: 1.000 Euro
4 weeks: 1.120 Euro
Levels: Basic and advanced
Duration: from 2 weeks to 12 months
Hours: 10 hours a week
2 weeks: 395 Euro
3 weeks: 515 Euro
4 weeks: 615 Euro
Levels: Basic and advanced
Duration: from 2 weeks to 12 months
Hours: 6 hours a week
2 weeks: 285 Euro
3 weeks: 375 Euro
4 weeks: 440 Euro
Fashion design


The Fashion Design course is a basic course for whoever wishes to tackle fashion design in a practical way. It begins with a complete study of the human body, its anatomy and its various positions in order to introduce the constructive techniques of the figure that the sketches and fashion illustrations will be designed on. It then analyzes models, accessories, decoration techniques, visual fashion communication, and fundamental concepts of fashion marketing. Finally, it discusses the theory and symbolism of colour (scale, contrast, harmony) and the use of professional felt-tip markers, colour pencils, watercolours, chalks, etc.

The course also talks about fabrics, it explains and experiments with the application of different techniques that are representative of different types of fabrics.

The students will then attempt to create their own collections by choosing and developing a theme according to the various phases of the planning system.

Phase 1: Phase of creative research through magazines, newspapers, catalogues or pictures taken by the student around the city.

Phase 2: Phase of tendency synthesis with the creation of a tendency panel that demonstrates the research done on the chosen theme.

Phase 3: Development of the theme through fashion sketches and illustrations.

Phase 4: Data sheets with technical drawings.

Phase 5: Study and creation of presentation pages of the collection

Phase 6: Collection presentation

During the course the history of fashion and costume design is taught and style trends are analyzed in order to help the student completely understand them and to stimulate the creation of a personal style.

The lessons are taught in Italian and/or in English language. At the end of the course students will receive a certificate of attendance (diploma)

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