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Duration: 10 weeks
Hours: 4 hours each lesson (total 40 hours)
2 weeks: 135 Euro
3 weeks: 200 Euro
4 weeks: 240 Euro
Art Marketing


Marketing of Art

The course aims to provide for those working in the art world, a complete vision of the figure of the artist and the method for a correct approach to the art market. This method will be the result of the application a of some simple, universal rules of marketing.

Marketing is "the social and managerial process for understanding the needs and requirements through the creation and exchange of product and values. It is the art and science to identify, create and deliver value to the needs of a target market. The term"Target market " is not limited merely to define the concept of trading but should be understood as a set of aesthetic and cultural needs of an economic-financial company.

The course will provide the necessary information to identify the actors of the art, the different roles, needs and processes that govern the relationship.

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