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Levels: basic and advanced

Duration: from 2 weeks to 12 months

Hours: 10 hours a week

2 Weeks: 395 Euro

3 Weeks:  515 Euro

4 Weeks: 615 Euro



Duration: from 2 weeks to 12 months

Hours: 6 hours a week

2 Weeks: 285 Euro

3 Weeks:  375 Euro

4 Weeks:  440 Euro

Digital Photography


The objective of the course is to give the participants the basic and most important techniques in order to shoot and understand digital photographic images. In addition it will seek to develop a critical approach to the image and stimulate creative ability.


Treatment of the digital image.

Download and file saving

Dpi and resolution

The digital reproduction of colour-RGB and CMYK

Understanding Photoshop (icons, the menu bar, options and instruments)

Manipulation: distortion, filters and (photoshop)

Editing software

Manipulation: Photomontage

Contrast and brightness:

Burning and dodging

Understanding color

Selective focus

Cleaning the image

Electronic noise reduction

The digital camera

The functioning of analogue (film) and digital cameras (sensors, formats, diaphragm/shutter, depth of field, movement, lenses.


Use of the basic software of the scanner

Most important parameters

Choosing the best resolution

Visual history of photography

The invention of photography and its technical progress

Photography and art

Documentary photography

Digital photography: from mixed medium to the web

Light and photography

Light: Properties of light and photography

Correct exposure and lightmeters. Natural light

Artificial light in comparison to natural light.

Seting up a shooting in a studio (lighting)

Street photography.

Exploration of the surroundings

Photographing around the city

Night photography

Architecture photography

The lessons are taught in English language.

During the course students will work in order to produce a portfolio to be presented at the end of the course.

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