Duration: 3 weeks total of 18 hours
Hours: 2 hours each lesson 3 times a week
2 weeks: 135 Euro
3 weeks: 200 Euro
4 weeks: 240 Euro
The Secret Codes of Arquitecture


Some buildings of the past are like mazes where we may get lost if not familiar with esoteric disciplines such as sacred geometry and astrology. In this course you will get some basic principles of those disciplines and spend the rest of the time applying them to a set of case studies, from Stonehenge to gothic cathedrals.

Some architectural and religious-philosophical principles coming form different traditional cultures will be then analysed and compared, discovering amazing similarities. The course is an opportunity to take advantage of the real esoterically treasures hidden in the uniquely built environment of Florence and learn how to read medieval and Renaissance architecture from an unusual perspective.

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